‍‍‍Our Story‍‍‍ - Pulse

‍‍‍In rapidly changing markets, we provide solutions that align your people to achieve the successful execution of your most challenging strategic objectives. In short, we quantify behaviour and transform results.

Our humble beginning started in 2008 when founding director, Sue Jauncey, designed and implemented the Board Pulse on a national and later, an international scale. Since then we have worked with organisations facing a wide range of strategic challenges.  

Market demand for the unique Pulse methodology saw us expand into the Executive space and across to whole of organisations in 2011.

From Global Tier 1’s through to NFP’s, Pulse has assisted organisations realise and harness the capability of their people and improve their overall business performance.  

Pulse creates industry leaders by aligning people to achieve the CEO’s vision; we demonstrate how to bring your strategy to life through people by optimising culture and performance across your organisation. Pulse lifts morale, encourages innovation, strengthens governance, and aligns your most important asset – your people – to your strategy.


Aligning people to achieve



Becom‍‍‍e the organisation you know you can be



‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍Our methodology follows a systems engineered, psychological approach and has been successfully implemented inside national and international organisations

Pulse Metho‍‍‍dology


Thanks to significant psychological research and a deep understanding of what really motivates people, Pulse’s unique and innovative products provide a measura‍‍‍ble understanding of any organisation’s culture

Globally led, locally focused

‍‍‍Our programs address challenges that relate to people and human behaviour. We have helped our clients  to overcome challenges in a number of key areas, for example; increasing revenue growth and productivity to improving health and safety, governance and workplace culture.‍‍‍

By word of mouth referrals, our story reached the European market in 2010 and New Zealand and the United Kingdom in 2014. Pulse is now able to provide unique solutions aimed at harnessing human capability to not-for-profit, government, and ASX and FTSE listed boards, management teams, and whole of organisations.



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