Pulse Global founder, Sue Jauncey, is shortlisted for Start Up Executive of the Year 2018

On 12 September 2018, Sue Jauncey was shortlisted as one of four finalist for the 2018 Ex‍‍‍ecutives of the Year in the Start Up category. The CEO Magazine's Executive of the Year Awards is one of Australia’s most prestigious business events which recognises individuals who have excelled far beyond the norm. Stephen Becsi, Pulse Global CEO, reflects on what it means for Sue to be recognised for her role in the globalisation of the Pulse business.

Article written by Stephen Becsi, Pulse Global CEO. Published 17 September 2018.

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After 20 years of annual performance reports whilst serving in the Navy, and numerous 360 performance reports whilst in charge of a large aged care organisation, I‍‍‍ thought there must be a better way for organisations to hold their people accountable for delivering on an organisations strategy. I was then introduced to ‍‍‍Sue and her unique methodology for holding people accountable for their demonstrated behaviours through the rigour of cognitive dissonance and continuous reinforcement. It changed my entire perspective on how individuals can be held accountable for their personal performance and how it could be linked directly to business outcomes. Sue was able to take her methodology and develop a way to measure every persons individual behaviours and the combined effects of all individuals to develop a way of measuring the culture of an organisation and develop an intentional culture to deliver on strategic outcomes.

As a registered psychologist, Sue's aim was to help people grow, mature and feel good about themselves. With a scalable technological system, Sue has now developed the real possibility of helping more people increase their level of self-worth (in the workplace) than she ever could through traditional one-on-one counselling. She has already touched over 5,000 people in the UK Health System and well over 100,000 people since Pulse has been operating. This has brought her much joy and success from a personal perspective.

Sue has fought countless barriers to get her organisation to where it is today. She has endured the highs and lows associated with taking a new idea through the crawl, walk and run stages. Every time she was knocked down she found a way to get back up, brush the dust off and continue the journey. It has been an honour to have supported Sue in realising her dream of helping countless people have a better quality of life in the workplace. I am thrilled that she is one of just four finalists in the Executive Start-up of the Year 2018.  Congratulations Sue and wishing you all the best on 21 November.

Thoughts from our founder

"Starting a business is exciting; it is the opportunity to do something you believe in, or to create something you think the world needs.  To succeed however, I've learnt that it takes extraordinary resilience, perseverance and focus on the goal, vision or dream that you always thought possible. For any founder to be recognised for the sheer hard work and determination it takes to keep going, is motivation to continue.  Most important to remember is that it might have started with a founders dream, but it takes a team to bring the dream to life."

The CEO Magazine Executive of the Year Awards

Now in its seventh year, the 2018 Executive of the Year Awards - to be held on 21 November at ICC Sydney - is anticipated to be the biggest yet, with more than 550 guests and nominees attending from the country’s most respected and innovative brands.

More about the awards and this years finalists can be found on their website.