Since 2008, Pulse has been supporting the design, management and measurement of workplace cultures across the globe. As we have continued to grow, expand  and evolve to meet market demands, after careful consideration we have decided to evolve into a new brand and new name – Appellon (

Today (2nd September 2019) we are excited to announce that Pulse has rebranded to Appellon.

Article published by the Appellon Executive Team and Board

“Pulse has experienced some significant changes and successes over the recent years,” says Global CEO Stephen Becsi, “We have a new and exciting self-managed CultureTech platform about to be launched later in the year and have grown into thought leaders in the workforce culture space, we have taken the opportunity to creatively rebrand our evolving business.

After six months of work to understand our position in the market, reviewing our strategic needs around positioning and learning from our successful past, Appellon was created to facilitate the next phase of our organisation’s global expansion.

Chief Marketing Officer, Mark Horwood-James, talks about how exciting this is for the Appellon business.  “A rebrand is a great opportunity to generate additional momentum for our organisation. The operations within the business have been carefully considering our future product and technology roadmap, so we have also built a new brand  to match our organisation’s ambitions.”

Developing a brand to match our DNA

The marketing department at Appellon looked at a number of our business’ strategic needs when developing the new brand. The creation of Appellon was part of our wider business strategy which included focusing on what makes us different in a crowded market.

“We found Pulse to be quite an overused name across many sectors, including our own.” says Mark, “We derived the Appellon brand name and identity by looking at the market we operated in and focusing on what we believed would genuinely represent who we are."

The name Appellon was created by focusing on the purpose and inherent DNA of our business. The brand team was inspired by an ancient name for the Greek God Apollo; the God of Truth, Prophecy and Knowledge.  There is an inherent link between his divine status and our wise leadership principles. Our rebrand story started from there.

Comments from our Founder

Sue Jauncey, Appellon’s Founder, had this to say about rebranding to Appellon. “I am very excited to be taking this next step in our company’s evolution.  Rebranding has taken some time and careful consideration and I have to say I am thrilled with where we have landed. Our business continues to evolve and, today, the rebrand marks another very exciting chapter in our history”.

The Pulse brand

At this time, the business has decided to phase out the Pulse brand over the coming months so that we can appropriately transition our clients to the new brand, without disrupting any current delivery schedules. All our clients and key contacts have been directly communicated to about the change and we will continue to keep them updated as we progress. This means that this website will continue to be available, in the short term, to provide the appropriate support to those who need it.

For more information about Appellon’s products or the rebrand from Pulse, please contact