"I have often said that strategy puts you in a position to be successful but culture is what ensures enduring success for years and decades, and great companies ar‍‍‍e true to their culture. Lots of companies can be successful for short periods of time, but the ones that are successful in the long run are the ones that have great culture." - James Gorman, CEO Morgan Stanley

James Gorman: The Australian CEO fixing the culture on Wall Street

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Published on 13 September 2018, by journalist Patrick Durkin, in the Australian Financial Review

It was with interest that the team at Pulse came across the above article from the Australian Financial Review (AFR). Individuals with access to the AFR can read the full article on their website‍‍‍. Alternatively, you can see an extract of the article by downloading the PDF.

For those working in highly regulated industries - such as financial services, healthcare, government - and those working in challenging and shrinking sectors, Durkin's article offers some great insight on what it takes to lead through difficult times as well as his personal journey and approach to leadership. This has resulted in Gorman being named one of the most well-respected CEOs globally.

Gorman moved from Australia to study in the US, migrated from consulting to banking, navigated change through the global financial crisis (GFC) and more. His approach to strategy, culture and management offers interesting truths and wise thinking.

Becoming a wise leader

Here at Pulse our Leadership program (known as Wisdom in the Workplace) is specifically designed to help CEOs, Chairs, Executives and Managers become better about defining and understanding the strategy, managing the leadership culture and making decision in the interest of the business. This is all delivered and supported through the a lens of wisdom and wise leadership.

Download: Morgan Stanley CEO James Gorman is the Australian fixing Wall St culture afr.com.pdf