Seventy Digital, May 28 2018

New Adventist Senior Living

"The Pulse Program has not only met, but has exceeded my expectations. My Executive Leadership team has matured and now works collectively together, focusing on the best interests of the business, which has resulted in a dramatic increase in our overall financial performance. We have now moved from bottom quartile performance to a near top-tier performing organisation."

David Knight, Chief Executive Officer

After twelve months Adventist had tripled profits and operating results within 12 months, all through the transformation of their culture. By engaging Pulse, the Adventist Senior Living business were able to grow and address the following areas:

Aligning the culture to focus on improving business performance, signature behaviours and the companies long term strategy.Growing the skills of the Executive Leadership Team to ensure that the skills and decision making capabilities were also aligned to the strategy.Create a set of clear and robust reporting metrics on the business’ people and culture.

Read our full case study about how Adventist Senior Living tripled results within a year.

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