Board Pulse

The Board Pulse aligns governance standards, roles, responsibilities, and accountabilities of Directors. It keeps the right conversations on the boardroom table for discussion, aligns the Board and the Executive, and develops the relationship between the board and the CEO.

It measures the board along eight key dimensions, is flexible and non-invasive, and has been chosen by public, private, government and not-for-profit boards from Australasia and Europe for nearly a decade. Clients include Commonwealth Group Super, First State Super, Telenet, and Ageis. For other Pulse clients please click here.

The Board Pulse provides directors with consistent and meaningful feedback, the Chair with a set of ongoing trends to track board performance, and directors with feedback on their personal results. It will enhance decision making abilities, collectively align the directors, and empower the Board to achieve exceptional results.  

To understand how Pulse could support your Board, please contact (02) 9229 6700