Th‍‍‍e Pulse Culture Audit is a ground-breaking tool for any leadership group, or Executive, looking for measurable, actionable and considered insights into their organisation’s culture.

The Culture Audit

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Unique to Pulse, our Culture Audit uses an innovative and proven psychological framework to review and assess the organisation’s culture

Who would benefit from a Culture Audit?

‍‍‍Any organisation that has gone through significant change can benefit from the Culture Audit. Examples; mergers & acquisitions, introduction of a new CEO, new Executive team or a re-brand. The Culture Audit is also useful for any organisation that has been struggling to generate significant or sustainable change. Typically, you may have used a staff engagement survey tool, acting on aspects of feedback but rarely seeing positive change as a result. Issues around morale, performance and distracting behaviours persist.

What Pulse’s Culture Audit does:‍‍‍

  • Provides a measurable ‘snapshot-in-time’ on the performance and quality of an organisation’s culture.
  • Reviews workforce alignment to the strategy and goals of your organisation – whole of organisation including leadership.
  • Introduces 5 powerful measures, calculated to allow an objective assessment of your culture.  
  • Provides key findings, specific themes and tailored recommendations based on your organisation’s specific results.  
  • Utilises an electronic, web-based survey to all staff, as well as the option of face-to-face individual interviews and focus groups.  
  • Provides management and oversight from a dedicated Pulse Program Director, who is your point of contact during and after the audit.  
  • Provides a bespoke report which is presented to the CEO or Chair of your organisation by your Program Director.

You can contact Pulse by email, telephone or by letter.‍‍‍


The Pulse Culture Audit ‍‍‍S‍‍‍howcase

See a real-life example of how the Culture Audit results are supplied.


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