Executive Pulse

The Executive Pulse measures the level of wise decision making, capability, and dynamics among the Executive team.  The Executive Pulse aligns Executive to work collectively toward the successful execution of the organisations strategic objectives. It builds cohesiveness and trust that will in turn drive change throughout the organisation.

The Executive Pulse is a repetitious step-by-step process that will hold Executive Team members accountable and provide the opportunity for the Executive to develop intrinsic leadership attributes and build upon current strengths.

All members of the Executive Pulse receive a Net Leadership Score (NLS) as an output measure of the program. The NLS indicates leadership effectiveness according to a selection of leadership competencies and behaviours that are based on the Pulse Wisdom in the Workplace methodology. This increases the level of wisdom and alignment among the Executive team to enable the achievement of collective success and successful execution of all strategic objectives. 

To speak with Pulse about the Executive Pulse and its fit with your Executive, please contact (02) 9229 6700