Personally, it [Transformation Pulse] has been extremely useful for me. It has given me a positive framework to start from to address some difficult questions in our organisation.

David Knight, Adventist Senior Living Chief Executive Officer

'At a time when Navy needed to understand how well our Signature Behaviours were being embedded across our organisation, Pulse Australasia provided us with the means to do so. Pulse provided Navy with valuable measurement regarding how well our Signature Behaviours were being positively embraced and embedded within Navy's organisational culture. The outcomes provided Navy senior leaders with very important insights into the progress of one of the key outcomes of the New Generation Navy cultural reform program'

Rear Admiral Trevor Jones, Deputy Chief of Navy

After the first [Board] Pulse, I saw a dramatic difference in behaviours. I thought to myself, if the Pulse can do this after one Pulse, what can it do after multiple Pulses?

Neil Cochrane, Chairman Commonwealth Bank Group Super

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We partnered with Pulse Australasia to deliver a simple culture change Program.  The simplicity made it easy to involve everyone in the organisation, often, to ensure we maintained momentum on the journey.  Pulse guided the establishment and activities of the Program including but not limited to, establishment of a Culture Committee and Advocate Program as well as delivering Executive and Board Checkpoints to create alignment and ownership across the business.

RSL Care - Head of Organisational Development

'I as chairman of Bel 20 company used the Pulse web-based method for the Board self-assessment exercise in 2011. The method is cost-efficient as well as time-efficient and produces results which are very helpful for each Board member (how a Board member is perceived by his or her colleagues compared to his/her own view as to how he or she performs). It serves also as a basis for a one-on-one discussion between the chairman and each Board member.'

Jozef De Mey -  Ageas, Chairman