"Culture eats strategy for... breakfast, lunch & dinner"

For the last 25+ years, global leaders have been postulating about the solution for measuring and managing organisational culture.

Culture Program

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At Pulse we have the answer with our unique and innovative Culture Pulse Program. The Culture Pulse framework – designed and patented by Pulse – not only allows you to look at your organisational culture objectively but it has been designed specifically to ensure staff are aligned to your strategy and feel accountable for its success.

Signature BehavioursThe Culture Pulse Program is specifically designed to bring your strategy to life through your people. Pulse UK will help define and articulate the core behaviours needed to ensure staff deliver upon your strategy. We call these Signature Behaviours. Through measuring positive demonstration of these behaviours, we can empirically measure your culture. We call this your Net Culture Score.

  • We focus your staff on the collective achievement of your strategic goals over a three year period.
  • We measure and check your culture 3-times each year, reinforcing and embedding the required change.
  • We provide the leadership with organisation-wide results and insights including your Net Culture Score.  
  • The Culture Pulse offers a combined top-down and bottom-up approach for sustainable change.  
  • Your 4 Signature Behaviours are designed around your organisation’s purpose and strategy.  
  • Staff are asked to confidentially and anonymously rank clusters of peers/colleagues.  
  • Staff are provided with their own individual and confidential reports.  
  • You will be provided with dedicated support from day one by having your own Program Director.
  • Development of your Executive Team using our Wise Leadership Framework is automatically included!

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Adventist Senior Living case study 2017

A year using the Culture Pulse Program