The Culture Pulse

The Culture Pulse brings strategy to life through people. It is our signature program and has been successfully implemented inside companies ranging from Global Tier 1 organisations through to not for profits, in sectors that span Military, Health, Manufacturing, Finance, and Aged Care. Clients who have used the Pulse program include the Royal Australian Navy, Fonterra, Medicare, and RSL Care among many others. For a list of Pulse clients click here.

Culture transformation is one of the least understood concepts in business, and is also the most powerful way to leverage results. An aligned culture enables organisations to harness the full human occupational capability, and to move and adapt swiftly to rapidly changing markets.

Understanding culture is much more than running a staff satisfaction survey or putting your managers through a leadership program.  Culture transformation is not about views and opinions it is about behaviours – ensuring that the right behaviours are developed and implemented because success is inextricably linked to what we do and not to what we say and think.

The Culture Pulse is designed to align and hold your workforce accountable to a key set of Signature Behaviours that facilitate the success of your business KPI’s; getting this right, and getting your people doing the right thing at the right time is proven to increase bottom line results by up to 8 %, as confirmed by PWC in an audit for one of our clients.

Pulse guarantees a ROI on the Culture Pulse

When combined with our Executive Leadership program, part of Pulse's Wisdom in the Workplace, Pulse enables the Executive to accelerate and achieve key operational results. It helps produce a report on the state of the entire business culture to the board and to see the relationship and impact of key behaviours on the business.

The Culture Pulse program is visible and tangible

The Culture Pulse program ensures that you can communicate the Vision and Mission in a simple, effective and meaningful, relevant and actionable way to all staff. It will also enable HR to report on the quantum of change achieved through its people strategy, allowing for more accurate targeting of resources and training. It streamlines and connects people-related activities and accelerates results connected to the business.

Greater traction from your workforce is achieved, and your people become more responsive to tasks; through the Signature Behaviours the company can be steered in the direction management wish to drive the business.

To speak with Pulse about the Transformation Program and the results that have been achieved for our clients, please contact (02) 9229 6700